S.A.B. 001

Standard Adaptive Building (S.A.B.) is a project of houses optimized to be easily built in any habitable area, with materials available available locally, integrating perfectly and respecting the data that contextualize each place.
A skeleton common to all, composed only of international construction standards (IPN beams, screws, steel plates, etc.), available in local production, composes the framework.
A specific cladding, specific to each climate and culture, enriched with local standards (wood specific to the location, materials developed only locally) or international standards (corrugated sheets for rain evacuation, insulating walls), is applied according to the specific needs of the house.
The houses developed in this way consist only of standard elements (international or local), economical and reliable.
This housing program seeks to find the right balance between common global knowledge, local economic development, and cultural and climatic particularities.


Division No. 15
Alberta, Canada
51°07'40.5 "N 115°22'51.1 "W
Altitude : 1370m

This S.A.B. is located on the heights of the hamlet of Harvie Heights not far from the town of Canmore. The climate is cold temperate, with significant precipitation. The average temperature is 14 degrees in the summer and -12 degrees in the winter, with an estimated annual snowfall of 250 to 300 cm. The house, facing southwest, is located on a 15-degree slope with many pine trees. The proximity to Calgary, a technologically developed and modern city, allows easy access to many industries of all kinds.
Being located in an environment where the climate is particularly harsh, there is a special focus on the insulation of this S.A.B. First, its orientation is thought to take maximum advantage of the sun's rays while enjoying the striking view of the place. The external envelope is made up of a metal cladding, a layer of air, then a thick 30cm thick aluminium/wood wool/aluminium sandwich panel. The interior of the house is covered with pine cladding, which once again reinforces the thermal insulation while providing a certain visual warmth. Finally, the interior layout is designed in small closed spaces, more easily heated thanks to the presence of a central wood stove. At the back of the house, an entrance hatch allows to store tools and wood necessary to operate the stove.

The openings of this S.A.B. participate in the good functioning of its insulation: a large bay window well oriented with a floor and walls in pine which recover the sun rays to restore them the evening. In the bedroom, a simple opening allows visual access to the outside without suffering from heat loss.
The slope of the roof as well as the gutters of the metal cladding that make it up allow the evacuation of the excess snow that could accumulate there, thus avoiding too much weight in winter.
Reflecting the surroundings thanks to its metal envelope, this S.A.B. integrates smoothly into its environment, almost making itself forgotten in the middle of the snow and the pines.


Architecture : Projet Standard
Product design : Projet Standard
CGI : Projet Standard

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