S.A.B. 003

Standard Adaptive Building (S.A.B.) is a project of houses optimized to be easily built in any habitable area, with materials available available locally, integrating perfectly and respecting the data that contextualize each place.
A skeleton common to all, composed only of international construction standards (IPN beams, screws, steel plates, etc.), available in local production, composes the framework.
A specific cladding, specific to each climate and culture, enriched with local standards (wood specific to the location, materials developed only locally) or international standards (corrugated sheets for rain evacuation, insulating walls), is applied according to the specific needs of the house.
The houses developed in this way consist only of standard elements (international or local), economical and reliable.
This housing program seeks to find the right balance between common global knowledge, local economic development, and cultural and climatic particularities.


Jati Tangatangan
Indonesia, Bandung
6°58'00.4 "S 107°25'57.8 "E

This S.A.B. is located a few kilometres west of Bandung, around the lake Waduk Saguling. The climate is equatorial, with heavy rainfall throughout the year and a constant temperature around 24 degrees. The vegetation is lush with many species of bamboo and tropical wood species present in large numbers in a forest considered one of the largest in the world. The dwelling is located next to the villages that border the water arms that make up the lake.

Benefiting from a constant and sustained heat all year round, this S.A.B. intends to blur the line between inside and outside. Large bay windows, protected by rattan blinds, and a covered walkway all around the house allow you to enjoy this habitat open to nature. The stilts let in the breezes that moderate the high tropical temperatures. They raise the dwelling above water and mud, and protect the dwellings from humidity, which reduces, among other things, the risk of thermites and premature aging of the wood. The steeply sloping roof allows tropical rain to drain quickly, and the large eaves ensure constant and pleasant shade throughout the day. Hard, durable tropical wood is used to support the entire dwelling, while a lightweight, reliable bamboo frame, mastered through centuries of expertise, supports the roof. The interior of this S.A.B. is mostly made of bamboo, taking advantage of the abundant local resources. The ensemble thus created integrates perfectly with its environment.


Architecture : Projet Standard
Product design : Projet Standard
CGI : Projet Standard

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