S.A.B. Structure

Standard Adaptive Building (S.A.B.) is a housing project optimized to be easily built in any living area, with materials available locally, integrating perfectly and respecting the parameters that contextualize each place.
The houses are divided into two parts.
The first one is a common framework, composed only of international construction standards (IPN beams, screws, steel plates, etc.), available in local production.
The second is a specific covering, specific to each climate and culture, enriched with local standards (wood specific to the location, materials developed only locally) or international standards (corrugated sheets for rain evacuation, insulating partitions), applied according to the specific needs of the house.
The houses developed in this way consist only of standard elements (international or local), economical and reliable. However, each building varies completely from the other, both in its uses and functions, and in its visual representation.
This housing program seeks to find the right balance between common global knowledge, local economic development, and cultural and climatic particularities.
The common structure consists of four pilings and two platforms composing floor and ceiling. The floor area is a square of 6x6m, giving a space of 36 sq.m. This framework can then be equipped with 4 functional modules: kitchen, bathroom, and two pieces of furniture for arrangement and storage. The kitchen and the bathroom measure 3x1m each and are positioned in a row on one side of the square. This leaves a blank space of 30 sq.m that can be arranged and divided by using the two pieces of furniture of the same dimensions (full height, and 3x0.5m of footprint). This composition guarantees a space that is always functional and a large number of possible variations.


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