Collection of two bluetooth speakers realized thanks to an assembly allowing to disassemble and reassemble each of the objects infinitely. Since the internal electronics are accessible, each part is easily interchangeable in case of failure. The external envelope, designed from a standard aluminum extrusion, has several functions. It is strong and protects the components from the inside. In combination with its internal valchromat casing, it provides a perfect seal for the sound. Polished, it reflects the space in which it is located, thus becoming discreet, almost invisible. It is only the sound that reminds us of its presence. The two formats allow you to choose the most appropriate model for the size of the room in which it will be used.


Product design : Projet Standard
Art direction : Projet Standard / Maxime Guyon
Photography : Maxime Guyon
CGI : Projet Standard

Projet Standard ps_speaker_001
Projet Standard ps_speaker_002 Projet Standard ps_speaker_003
Projet Standard ps_speaker_004
Projet Standard ps_speaker_005 Projet Standard ps_speaker_006
Projet Standard ps_speaker_007
Projet Standard ps_speaker_008
Projet Standard ps_speaker_009
Projet Standard ps_speaker_010
Projet Standard ps_speaker_011
Projet Standard ps_speaker_012